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Use our proven business model to own your very own permanent jewelry store!

The Initial franchise fee is $7000 and is non refundable. The fee includes:
-licensing (everything needed to use the established and successful name)
-one on one training with me, your certified trainer. 
-a pop/event with me so you will see how it all works and how to run it successfully. 
-I help you set up your social media pages and get you started with marketing!
-all machines(everything needed to make permanent jewelry from day one)
-start up product(all product needed to make jewelry from day one)
-chains, charms, everything you need to do at least 50 clients so you more-less earn your initial investment back with those 50 clients! 
-training(Thorough training from our experienced staff that has perfected the technique for perfect jewelry)
-vendor and product information(utilize our experience of trial and error and get access to all the best vendors for guaranteed success)
-support(you will have surround the clock support from me and my experienced team to help guide you and be there for you in all aspects of the business) 
-certificate of completion!

If you follow my guidance you WILL have a 6 figure business In no time! 🙌 

We look forward to having you on board and watching you take a piece of the growing success of “Linked by” Permanent Jewelry.

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